XBAND Server
VoIP Setup
Connecting via VoIP is low-cost and relatively easy to set up.

Required Materials
Setup Guide

1. Connect cables
  1. Connect the SPA to power. A power supply should be included.
  2. Connect the SPA to your network (typically, modem or router) using a standard network cable.
  3. Connect the telephone to the SPA. If you have a splitter you can also connect the XBAND.
2. Factory reset the SPA
This is only required if your SPA did not already come reset. You will need a telephone for this.
  1. Pick up the phone and dial ****
  2. At the "Sipura Configuration Menu" prompt, dial 73738#
  3. Press 1 to confirm
  4. After you hear "Option Successful", hang up
3. Find SPA IP address
  1. Pick up, dial ****
  2. At the menu, enter 110#
  3. Write down the IP address as it is read out to you
4. Configure SPA
  1. Go to the SPA's IP address in a browser
  2. At the top right, click "Admin Login", then click "advanced"
  3. Go to the Provisioning tab
  4. Replace the contents of the "Profile Rule" box with:
  5. Click "Submit All Changes" at the bottom of the page
  6. Wait 10 seconds, then unplug the SPA's power, and plug it back in
  7. Wait 5 minutes for the config to download to the SPA.
5. Test the SPA config
  1. Pick up the phone, and make sure you get a dial tone
  2. Dial 8
  3. You should hear a brief voice message. If you do, everything is working.
You can now connect via XBAND.