XBAND Server
Raspberry Pi Setup

Using a Raspberry Pi is a convenient way to connect if you already have the DreamPi hardware. Due to hardware limitations, gameplay is not possible with this connection method.

Required Materials
Please remove your DreamPi SD card and use a different one. This process is based on the DreamPi software, but if you use it on an existing DreamPi SD card, DreamPi will no longer function for anything other than XBAND. Using a different card lets you switch back and forth. I hope to improve this in the future to support XBAND directly within DreamPi.

Setup Guide

Convert a DreamPi installation to work for XBAND
  1. Download the DreamPi 1.7 image, and write it to your new SD card.
  2. Boot the new card in your Pi, and grab the IP address.
  3. Obtain an SSH client (PuTTY works well). Connect to the Pi's IP, and log in with username pi and password raspberry
  4. Paste the following in the console and run it: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade
  5. The previous step will take several minutes. Once it's done and you are back at the prompt, paste the following and run it: curl -L | sudo bash
In a few seconds, you should have a working XBAND Pi setup.

Video tutorial by Twitter user @CharlieboyMann: